Not too long to go before my 1st EAL Skills book is ready!

Hi Readers! I’ve been slowly working behind the scenes this last week doing the rather unspectacular part of writing my 1st book – ie. editing, making sure all the bits tie up, etc. I’ll be printing out my final draft before long to make one last check and then it’ll be off to the printers and soon coming out in digital format too!

I will be putting out a ‘taster’ of the first chapter before long to hopefully wet your appetite….I don’t want to spoil things for you at this stage but the book is a thriller and each chapter covers some of the most important language related to the B2 EAL exams using a multi-skilled approach. The central character is Alice, (above), whose life changes after an evening in London.

I think you’ll find the price of this book will be very reasonable, (as it’s my first book – but there’ll be others soon to follow!), as it will be aimed at Students and Teachers alike – it can be used both in class, (probably best in pairs), or for self-study as well.

More to follow next week by which time I hope to have prnted out the first draft for a final inspection!

Have a good week and see you all soon!

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